A Comprehensive Security Approach for the BYOD Era

At Cybertech 2014 Cellrox will present their vision for a security approach for the BYOD era at the Qualcomm booth.  The adoption of mobile devices is pushing information and applications outside of traditional enterprise infrastructure controls.  In the case of a BYOD strategy, there is even less control over a device, as it needs to consider the personal habits of the user, and the device itself may not be an enterprise standard.  This change in risk pattern requires new effective measures in order to regain control.

A comprehensive security strategy needs to include both the controls that manage user behavior and those that manage the technology.  For the user to effectively execute a security policy a control needs to be clearly defined, accessible, and transparent.  The best control is one that the user finds to be practical and in sync with the way that they actually work.  A Cellrox user can perform their professional work on the professional persona where all of their corporate apps and data will be available for them in full.  The user can easily switch to the personal realm for personal activities by simply tapping the relevant persona in the status bar.  The baseline for behavior on a Cellrox multi-persona device reflects how people work today.  Being able to switch between the personal and professional contexts is comfortable and seamless.  There is no need for a user to be deeply familiar with abundantly intricate corporate policies on the handling of information.  A user simply needs be able to determine what is personal and what is professional, setting the user, and the enterprise, on track for security success.

Cellrox also allows for full control of the technology by providing a strong separation of the corporate and personal realms.  The solution offers maximum management through total isolation, protecting enterprise content and applications in one persona, and protecting user’s privacy from the enterprise in another.  It is also important to note that isolating the user’s personal context actually protects the enterprise from user privacy concerns as seen in the case of Lazette where the court held that the enterprise was not authorized to access a former employee’s personal e-mail on a corporate owned device and was therefore liable.

Cellrox’s proven and field-tested solution, enthusiastically accepted by users, provides the necessary behavioral and technological controls in the age of mobility, and BYOD, mitigating new risk patterns and allowing the enterprise to seamlessly implement a BYOD strategy and secure the benefits of mobility.