Heal The Wound, Don't Use A Band-Aid


Soon, employees will no longer need to carry two mobile devices, one for work and one for play, they will be able to do both on one device. Actually, we are not far away from that reality; we can do that now and with Cellrox, we can do it really well.

We do it really well because we offer users a true multi-persona experience, which is powered by our unique lightweight virtualization technology. Our technology not only allows unlimited application usage combined with iron-clad security, but also unparalleled performance and flexibility. It goes far beyond a kludge to the problems at hand, providing a fundamental cure for the coming mobile decade.

Some solutions offer application sandboxing, but we have found that approach lacking. With virtualization, we do things differently. We don’t like to box ourselves in.

  • We are application agnostic. Cellrox fully supports unmodified, native, in-house or third-party applications, anywhere, while maintaining compliance with existing security policies and management systems. Applications run in a secure environment, so they need not be individually secured. All applications are available for users without additional burden on developers and without ties to 3rd party SDKs or wrappers.
  • We offer a familiar face to users. Cellrox runs a full Android instance in each persona, maintaining a consistent environment and interface. There is no re-learning of functionality just to adhere to the rules of a sandbox. It’s the same Android experience users are already familiar with, naturally extended to provide awareness, notifications, and sharing mechanisms among personas.
  • We know that performance counts. Cellrox delivers native performance while fully supporting available device hardware. We optimize for power-constrained devices to sustain battery life comparable to the stock device. We optimize for outstanding graphics performance. We even optimize for memory footprint to allow users to run as many applications.


We are secure. We provide performance. We are flexible, with a promise to adapt to users’ needs as they evolve. We play to the strengths of Android, enabling users to enjoy their devices to the fullest. We offer the true multi-persona experience that real users desire.