Multi-Persona Matters: Supporting the Architecture of our Lives in the Age of Mobility

In the age of mobility we are constantly craving new ways to support the architecture of our lives. We are looking for ways to seamlessly automate all of the nuances of our day and our phones and tablets have become the most salient way to do so.

On a daily basis we inherently compartmentalize our informational assets, balancing security with accessibility. We keep our passwords and sensitive documents in a secure place, maybe even physically in a safe or a bank. We keep our kids’ toys, on the other hand, much more accessible since the risk associated with their loss is not worth the burden of strict security measures. To avoid complexity we usually bucket our assets based on the risk associated with their loss and how accessible they need to be.  If we protect everything, we will end up protecting almost nothing since the burden in securing everything (PIN, Encryption etc.) will lead us, quite often, to bypass controls. Conversely, an extreme preference for accessibility can put our assets at risk.  Imagine the nightmare of a smartphone, without a PIN, that is lost. Consumer Reports recently found that this is a frightening and very realistic prospect for many people as only 36% of smartphone users have actually set a 4-digit PIN to lock their phones.

The Cellrox multi-persona strategy allows you to apply differentiated protections based on the level of importance of your assets. Users are very excited about this option as it is truly transparent and effortless on their side. No longer does a user need to continuously evaluate the threats and risks of an asset, but simply bucket the asset into the relevant persona as they go about their regular day. A Cellrox user simply needs to tap on the relevant persona, whether it be the Incognito Persona, the Kid’s Persona, or a Wallet Persona, to strike the right security and accessibility balance. The user may also create their own or additional personas based on their preferences and priorities.

So how does Cellrox help us automate the nuances of our lives?


Incognito Persona

Being highly connected may sometimes mean compromising your privacy. You may at times decide to willingly waive some of your privacy for an appealing benefit, such as a discount or free shipping.  In some scenarios, however, you want to protect your privacy without question. Using a single persona makes it difficult to apply a policy that will allow you to achieve great privacy, without also imposing a burden where it may not be needed. Cellrox allows you to differentiate protection and provide tight privacy controls to what matters to you most. Imagine that you can set your own signature knock to access your most hidden Incognito Persona all while maintaining separation between contacts, and using technologies such as encryption of communications, to ensure that privacy is maintained. Call logs, browser history, and text messages, can also be separated based on the level of isolation that they require. Imagine also having the option to set an expiration to records’ history so that they can be deleted after a time of your choice.


Kid’s Persona

For those of us managing a family life alongside of our professional one we know that family is a business, on which, we place extraordinary value. We have a great interest in protecting our family and encouraging it to run seamlessly. In the world we live in today, we rely heavily on the benefits of those tools that help us stay connected and on time. We struggle, however, to balance the tremendous value of these tools with the risks involved.

We want our children to have the freedom to use our smartphones to keep them occupied at the doctor’s office, or to quickly access information central to their homework.  And in both cases we want them, and our information, to remain safe and secure. We don’t want our children to be exposed to inappropriate content, and we do not want our kids to have the ability to send an e-mail to our boss, or answer the phone when they call.

The Cellrox multi-persona solution keeps our kids and our most important information protected.   Cellrox creates what any parent wants for their devices, a safe mobile playground for their children. The ability to create multiple personas on your phone, that are completely secure and separate, allows parents to protect their data and applications from any malware and harm that the games and applications our kids download can have on their device. The separate persona allows parent’s e-mails, texts, messages, and any other personal and adult information, to all be protected while their kids work and play on their phone. In addition, parents have the ability to monitor their child’s activity by controlling their time spent on the phone as well as battery usage.


Wallet Persona

The mobile-first world we live in today seems to be limitlessly beneficial. We are able to deposit our checks from our phone without going to the bank. We have the ability to sell stocks from our phone, even when we are on the road. All of these abilities encourage our mobility and make us more productive on-the-go, but we also understand the increased risks associated with exposing, or even losing, our financial, and other critical information residing on our device. So we aspire to have heightened safety measures to secure those assets.

With Cellrox’s multi-persona strategy, when I want to deposit a check, I can simply tap the Wallet Persona on the status bar. I’ll then be prompted for a strong password ensuring the protection of my information. By separating out my critical information to the Wallet Persona, I am also protecting the assets that matter to me the most from attacks originating from free, or non-critical apps, which may contain malware. Additional protection can be achieved by prompting you to approve apps that are attempting to access the network. The level of security and protection is appropriately matched to the criticality of the content.

The architecture of our lives is layered and complex and we are in need of a solution that balances all of the shades of our day in a seamless and automated way. By being able to manage all of the roles we play, to keep track of all of the hats we wear, we need the ability to compartmentalize our mobility in a safe, secure and practical way. We need a solution that does the same.