MWC 2014 Blog Series Part II: Enterprises Attract Top Talent with a Successful BYOD Strategy


Last week we looked at how Cellrox’s multi-persona strategy increases compliance in highly regulated industries, such as financial services, because the practicality of the strategy addresses the way in which employees actually work.  To meet the business challenges of today and tomorrow Cellrox’s multi-persona BYOD strategy also enables the enterprise to attract and retain top talent. Talent is a critical factor in the success or failure of a business.  In some knowledge intensive industries, such as professional services, the knowledge worker is a key competitive resource, and talent is what is delivered to clients.  Similarly, in industries that require a great degree of creativity, such as advertising, it is of the utmost importance to be able to recruit the best minds from industry and straight out of school.  Winning the war on talent is crucial for winning business and differentiating in the marketplace.

The Cellrox multi-persona strategy helps enterprises meet the needs for talent by enabling a user to keep their personal persona intact while delivering the necessary corporate tools on the professional persona.  But how does this advance the ability of the enterprise to attract top talent?

  • Creative people may consider their smartphone an extension of their personality.  Their personality may also be the source of their creativity and they may prefer to work for companies that allow them to keep their personal persona close to their professional one.
  • Talented people may have tools and applications they have learned to use, or developed, that make them unique.  It could be a social network where they have access to highly valuable resources, or an app they have fine-tuned to provide, for example, market sensing in the form of topic or industry relevant breaking news.  A comparable corporate application may not exist and a company may see it as an asset for an employee to retain their unique advantage.
  • Millenials are “digital natives” and are especially connected to the technology they have grown familiar with and know how to use. They will prefer to work for a company that allows them to retain their technology habits and styles of use.  This is especially important for recruiting young talent out of school.
  • Employment models for both highly talented individuals and for pedestrian type jobs are changing, and leaning towards an occasional, or temporary type of employment, where a user would like to keep their personal persona close, and active, in order for them to pursue their next job.

Cellrox enables a multi-persona strategy, where both the professional and personal personas can be experienced to the fullest and without risk to the enterprise or the user. It is this strategy that is the most attractive to the most talented individuals.

What is the alternative?  The competing strategy is to use one persona, in which the personal and professional are mixed, and limitations, such as policies, blacklisting apps, and more, are imposed on the user.  The risk involved in mixing the personal and professional, even with certain controls, will impose limits to what enterprise tools and information can be delivered.  The enterprise will avoid tools and information that may expose sensitive information that may have a severe business impact if compromised.  The limitations imposed on the personal use of the device, with the competing strategy, will deter talent that wish to sustain their personality in a professional context.

Privacy concerns should also be considered.  Talent is reluctant to display their personal behavior to their employer, and the enterprise is put at risk when they expose themselves to an employee’s personal behaviors.

Cellrox has the ability to protect both the employee, and the enterprise, by providing a strong separation between the personal and professional realms, avoiding compromise, and satisfying both the user and the enterprise.  It goes to say that “good fences make good neighbors.”

Next week we will look at how Cellrox provides the enterprise with the necessary tools to meet the business challenges imposed by the changing trends in employment models.  Continue to check us out at MWC 2014, at Hall 2, 2G50 in the IMA Pavilion.  For the full Cellrox story read here.