Network World on Cellrox: Work and Personal Data, Apps, Social Media, Stay Securely Separate

We had the pleasure of talking with John Cox, Senior Editor, Infrastructure, at Network World about lightweight virtualization for BYOD. In a post from yesterday, John described our technology and offering referring to what we call personas as “spaces” on the mobile Android device.

John was right on target about quite a few things about Cellrox, among them:

  • Cellrox Jade is aimed squarely at enterprise IT groups struggling how to secure the mobile explosion of personally and corporately owned smartphones and tablets.

  • From the user's viewpoint, Cellrox "intrudes" hardly at all.

  • Each persona is a self-contained Android environment, but despite the common underlying kernel, completely separate from each other.

The post by John draws a clear picture of our lightweight virtualization solution for BYOD.

If you’re at Mobile World Congress, you are welcome to stop by and see our demo. It really is that smart and simple to work with. We’re in Hall 6 C50. Drop by, or contact us after the show, we will gladly explain why both your workers and your IT manager would appreciate the Cellrox BYOD solution.