No Compromises, Proactive Security


Forty-seven percent of all new operating systems in mobile devices are Android. Android is also the most open platform out there: popular with users, but a nightmare for IT departments wanting to protect their company applications and data accessible by devices. What happens when you throw the on-fire Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) market into the mix?

Cellrox is delivering up what’s to come in the next generation of technology that enables employees and corporations to securely share a single fully functional mobile device. We focus on proactive security and application transparency in a single swipe – one phone, two or more personas.

Other BYOD approaches force organizations to compromise on device security, and users to compromise on usability. They rely on passive security that wraps corporate applications in a dedicated zone which itself runs alongside other non-secure applications and offer secure operation mode for only selected applications per corporate requirements.

We provide the only proactive security solution in the BYOD market. Our virtualization platform delivers the strongest security by creating an impenetrable wall between the employee’s applications and the company’s real estate, and can run any application on a per-need basis, without any special development or adaptation. It reduces the pain for carriers by providing a non-compromising solution to their corporate customers. It satisfies users by granting them the freedom to enjoy the complete experience with their own smart devices.

We invite you to visit us at MWC 2012 and experience it yourself, hands on. See you there!