The Bare Necessities of Successful BYOD

One of the biggest challenges for the IT department of many modern offices is the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture of the modern worker. Gone are the days of the standard-issue desktop PC. Now, enterprises must adapt to a constantly evolving slew of new devices and keep all of them securely and consistently connected, even while these devices blur the line between "work machine" and "personal machine".

The most promising approach for BYOD is to provide multiple personalities that separate between one's work context and personal context. However, despite the dire need for separation, actual adoption of BYOD tools is arguably slower than expected. In an unofficial survey among CIOs and end users, the unanimous conclusion was that people need a solution that not only works, but that will also go unnoticed.

So what does it mean a solution that "will go unnoticed"?   It means that a successful solution needs to provide both corporations and users with transparency of operation in four dimensions, or, as we like to call them, the bare necessities of BYOD:


Performance Transparent. Users do not like a slow device with sluggish interface. Users expect nothing short of getting the same native performance for applications running in any persona, that they are used to today. Performance must be similar to that of the original device, particularly the responsiveness, graphics speed, and battery life.

Application Transparent. Users wish to run their favorite applications. Employees need to run their productivity tools. IT admins must be able to deploy corporate applications without having to re-develop them. Each persona should be capable of running existing unmodified Android applications, natively.

Platform Transparent. Both users and IT admins like to select their preferred Android version and model. A true multi-persona  solution should easily support different combinations of mobile devices, form factors, and software versions, so that people can select their system of choice without restrictions.

User Transparent. User experience is the most important factor in user satisfaction. A good solution should not only provide users with the same familiar look and feel inside pesronas; It must also provide simple awareness, notifications, sharing, and ease of transition between the user's personas.

Cellrox's virtualization provides all of these BYOD bare necessities and much more, hitting the sweet spot between security, performance, and usability. Unlike traditional virtualization solutions which degrade performance and battery life, our technology securely separates personas while providing native performance, with minimal footprint. Each persona runs an entire Android framework, fully supporting unmodified native and third-party applications, and compatible with existing security and management practices.

And guess what?  It's easy to use!   See for yourself - watch our ThinVisor in action.