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Mobile devices have become our gateway to work, play, social life, financial planning and routine exercise. Your subscribers are trying to balance between the different usages of their mobile device but having hard time preserving their privacy and protecting the information that really matters to them. You now have the opportunity to proactively address the growing demand for privacy and security. By introducing Virtualized Mobile devices, you will be able to provide net new value to your existing subscribers and potentially gain market share within your respective market.

Introduce a New Virtual Mobile Instance Store

Introduce net new service to your subscribers, Virtual Mobile Instance (VMI) as-a-service via your own branded online store. With Cellrox VMI Builder you are able to generate a variety of VMIs customized to different usages and tailored to your subscribers needs. You will be able to determine which applications will reside on the VMI, how the VMI operates and its overall appearance. Subscribers will now be able to leverage different VMIs on their virtual device based on their preference and needs.


Offer additional lines associated with virtual mobile instances…

Your subscribers may be looking for additional lines for a variety of reasons; some are trying to regain control and have a healthy work / life balance and others may be looking for additional line for personal usage. Regardless of the reason, obtaining an additional line today requires additional mobile device or a device with two SIM cards. Cellrox combined with our eco system partners offer a unique solution by linking a second line to any given VMI on a single SIM mobile device.  Subscribers will now be able to obtain additional phone line and turn a physical smart phone into two fully functional logical devices.

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