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Server virtualization took off about a decade ago, today any new infrastructure deployment relies on server virtualization. We believe that Mobile Virtualization is up next. The main driver for Server Virtualization is cost saving and for Mobile Virtualization it is all about usability…while protecting user privacy, securing critical information and cater to the different user needs. Cellrox Mobile Virtualization Solution is the only one out there that was designed from the ground up for mobile devices. Cellrox solution is scalable, does not introduce performance degradation and can be integrated within few weeks.

Cellrox OEM Toolkit

Cellrox offers a unique integration Toolkit for OEMs / ODMs in order to simplify the deployment of Cellrox Mobile Virtualization Technology. The toolkit automates the insertion of Cellrox binaries and config files and generates a converged build with mobile virtualization capabilities embedded.  Our OEM toolkit significantly reduces the overall integration efforts and the engineering costs associated with it.

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