Cellrox Offers Mobile Virtualization Technology as a Freemium Download

All Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 users are invited to run two Virtual Mobile Instances on their device

TEL AVIV - February 18, 2015 - Cellrox, the pioneer in Mobile Virtualization, announced today that the company is offering a limited freemium edition of its Thinvisor technology at www.cellrox.com. The revamped website allows Google Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 owners to download the freemium edition and run two distinct Virtual Mobile Instances (VMIs) on their device. For the first time, anyone can experience Cellrox Mobile Virtualization and explore the company’s innovations in mobile security, privacy and customization.

Cellrox’s Thinvisor enables multiple VMIs to run concurrently on a single mobile device. Each VMI is completely isolated, fully functional and unaware that other VMIs even exist on the device. VMIs can be customized independently from one another and transferred between physical devices. With one swipe, mobile users can switch between two different VMIs capable of supporting different phone numbers, hardware controls, applications, network privileges and security rules. Viruses and other malicious applications cannot transfer between VMIs – an important consideration for organizations and users that wish to preserve their privacy.

With the freemium edition, users will be able to transform their smartphone or tablet into a virtualized device. The setup process is simple and the phone can be de-virtualized at any point by re-flashing the stock image on the device. Each VMI will function as a truly a separate, virtualized phone. The limited freemium edition is designed as a platform for testing and experimentation.

While the freemium download is currently limited to Nexus 5 and 7, Cellrox.com visitors will also find a new selection of demo videos that make the Mobile Virtualization experience crystal clear. In addition, Enterprises, Carriers, OEMs/ODMs and SI/ISVs will find new educational content specific to their industries.

“Mobile Virtualization becomes a very intuitive idea once you see it in action and experience it in your own hands,” said Dror Nadler, SVP Sales & Strategic Alliances at Cellrox. “We launched our freemium edition and improved website to provide an interactive experience. Our mission is to make Mobile Virtualization a foundation of digital life, and we believe this an important step in that direction.”   

“With two VMIs on your smartphone, you could literally play a game of ‘Words With Friends’ against yourself,” added Nadler. “For users, the freemium edition is a neat opportunity to see what it’s like having two virtual phones or tablets at their fingertips. We hope our testers will find new practical (and fun) applications we haven’t considered.”

Download the limited freemium edition of Cellrox Mobile Virtualization at http://www.cellrox.com/download


About Cellrox

Cellrox is a pioneer in mobile virtualization. The company’s award-winning ThinVisor technology enables co-hosting of two or more individual, independent and secure virtual environments on a single mobile device. By creating an impenetrable wall between the different virtual instances, Cellrox enables proactive security and application transparency. With one phone, but two or more virtual instances, users can switch multiple Virtual Mobile Instances with one tap. Cellrox was founded in 2011 by seasoned entrepreneurs and technology leaders. The company is privately held with headquarters located in Israel. For additional information, please visit www.cellrox.com or follow us on Twitter @Cellrox.