Cellrox Thinvisor

Cellrox's Thinvisor is a lightweight mobile virtualization platform that enables multiple Virtual Mobile Instances to coexist on a single device. Each Virtual Mobile Instance is completely isolated, can be customized and transferred to other devices. The Thinvisor ensures that the Virtual Mobile Instances are independent and isolated from one another. Thinvisor maintains device performance, power usage, and support for native applications while providing an intuitive user experience.



Why Mobile Virtualization?

Security & Privacy

Unlike mobile containers and application wrapping solutions that are sharing a single namespace, virtualized mobile devices provides a unique and separate namespace for each OS instance. The Virtual Mobile Instances are strictly separated and malware cannot pass between them. If one Virtual Mobile Instance is compromised, it cannot be used to intercept data from other Virtual Mobile Instances.


Each Virtual Mobile Instance is highly customizable. Pre-installed applications, appearance, menu items, and system components can be customized independently per Virtual Mobile Instance. One can determine that one Virtual Mobile Instance will be granted exclusivity for either WiFi, NFC or USB while other Virtual Mobile Instances will not have access to a given hardware component on the same device.



Virtual Mobile Instance Builder

Our Virtual Mobile Instance Builder will give you the ability to decide what type of restrictions should be applied, which menu items should be allowed and what HW controls should be in place. Enterprises, Carriers, Solution Integrators and ISVs are able to leverage Cellrox VMI builder to cater to their customers’ needs.


Mobile Virtualization decouples any given Virtual Mobile Instance from the underlying physical device. This means that a whole Virtual Mobile Instance could be moved as-is between different mobile devices. The end user could transfer their entire VMI without the need to reconfigure their environment ever again.


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Virtualize your Mobile Device Now

We invite you to experience mobile virtualization by downloading our Freemium version for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 devices.