Preserve your privacy, regain control and protect what matters


Cellrox Mobile Virtualization enables the co-existence of multiple Virtual Mobile Instances on a single mobile device. Each Mobile Instance is completely isolated, fully functional and run within its own dedicated OS environment. Virtual Mobile Instances can be customized independently from one another and transferred between physical devices.

Protect your company brand
and critical assets

Cellrox Enterprise Solution allows you to create a customized and hardened mobile environment for your employees that will reduce your corporate risk to the minimum. Cellrox can be integrated with any MDM solution you may have in place and/or planning to introduce in order to manage the Corporate Virtual Mobile Instance like any other physical device.

Differentiate your services by introducing Mobile Virtualization

Mobile devices have become our gateway to work, play, social life, financial planning and routine exercise. Your subscribers are trying to balance between the different usages of their mobile device but having hard time preserving their privacy and protecting the information that really matters to them. You now have the opportunity to proactively address the growing demand for privacy and security.


Become a thought leader and differentiate your products

Cellrox Mobile Virtualization solution is the only one out there that was designed from the ground up for mobile devices. Cellrox solution is scalable, does not introduce performance degradation and can be integrated within few weeks.

Extend your reach and accelerate application adoption

Cellrox Mobile Virtualization solution allows you to produce your own branded Virtual Mobile Instance (VMI) and make it available on any virtualized mobile device. Our solution allows you to customize the operating system in order to comply with the industry specific requirements and regulations.

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