Multi persona

Carry a single smart mobile device with two or more personas for both work and personal use. With Cellrox, you can divide your Android device securely into multiple personas: private, games, shared, secure and more!

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Secure zone

Mitigate mobile security risks by encapsulating each persona inside a separate, private virtual environment. Personas are completely isolated from the others, making it difficult for any malware to infiltrate from one persona to another.

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Management system

IT departments can provision, manage, update, audit and control the corporate persona of their employees’ devices with a simple-to-use management system that resides on a dedicated server (on premise) or is hosted on a cloud based service (SaaS).

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  • End-users Privacy regulations is what drove us to use Cellrox
    IT director at a fortune 100 company
  • Finally we do not have to compromise between security and usability, with Cellrox it’s a win-win
    IT director at a fortune 100 company
  • What’s really neat is that we (IT) can use any application in the business persona, even 3rd party with no modifications
    Mobility Director at a large enterprise


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Android Native Developer

The team develops the virtualization infrastructure and tools powering the Cellrox multi-persona software running on a mobile device, allowing seamles