Isolated, customized and hardened mobile environment

Cellrox Enterprise Solution allows you to create a customized and hardened mobile environment for your employees that will reduce your corporate risk to the minimum. Cellrox can be integrated with any MDM solution you may have in place and/or planning to introduce in order to manage the Corporate Virtual Mobile Instance like any other physical device.

Unlike mobile containers and application wrappers, in case where employees may unintentionally downloaded a malicious app onto their personal VMI, it will not introduce any risk to corporate data; Cellrox Thinvisor provide a superior isolation between instances that allows the containment of threats within a VMI without exposing other VMI’s on the same physical mobile device.

Keep Personal Data off Corporate Infrastructure

Cellrox Mobile Virtualization Solution allows each virtual Mobile Instance to leverage different network connection exclusively. Enterprise are now able to restrict access to the company’s WiFi / VPN connection based on predetermined QoS for all non-work-related data generated by the Personal Virtual Mobile Instance. All work related data will now receive adequate bandwidth while flowing through the Corporate Virtual Mobile Instance WiFi connection and Company’s existing VPN infrastructure.

Reduce Corporate Liability

Cellrox Mobile Virtualization Solution allows a complete logical separation of two or more distinct OS instances. Inappropriate usage of the personal VMI on a given physical device won’t have an impact on the corporate controlled VMI. Enterprises have the ability to restrict usage of Apps, features and data on the corporate controlled VMI and ensure that employees adhere to corporate polices. In case of potential legal action, Enterprises may have more flexibility to examine all work related data residing on the Corporate VMI as they’ll no longer running the risk of violating employee privacy.

Separate billing for business and personal usage

Enterprises are unable to assign a corporate paid plan to the Corporate Virtual Mobile Instance (VMI) while their employees are able to keep on using or assign their personal phone plan to their Personal VMI. This capability is available on a single SIM card smart devices by leveraging Movius® myIdentities Solution. Enterprises can now ensure that they will not be paying for non-work related phone conversations and data usage.

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