Introduce Your Own Branded Virtual Mobile Instance tailored to your customer needs

Cellrox Mobile Virtualization Solution allows you to produce your own branded Virtual Mobile Instance (VMI) and make it available on any virtualized mobile device. By leveraging Cellrox VMI Builder, you are now able to determine which pre-installed apps would reside on the VMI, what type of hardware controls should be in place, whether certain menu items should be disabled and the overall appearance of the VMI.

Simplify new application roll out and reduce time to market

Cellrox enables you to modify your branded Virtual Mobile Instance (VMI) on the fly and post deployment. You are now able to send an update to the VMI, upload new applications and modify the VMI behavior proactively with no user intervention. By leveraging Cellrox Mobile Virtualization Solution, you can now increase brand recognition, extend your reach and accelerate the adoption of new applications.

Vertical Solutions

Cellrox Mobile Virtualization Solution allows you to customize the operating system in order to comply with the industry specific requirements and regulations. By leveraging Cellrox VMI Builder, you are now able to generate a hardened VMI and distribute to any mobile virtualized device. 


Physicians are able to use a single virtualized mobile device while working in two different medical institutions.



Traders and financial professionals are now able to leverage a hardened VMI on their virtualized mobile device, ensuring that sensitive information does not find its way outside of their organization.

Government / Defense

Government agencies are now able to generate highly secured purposely built VMI with limited functionality to address their unique requirements.

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