Without Mobile Virtualization, Mobile Payments Are Risky Business

"Today, we are struggling to secure mobile payments yet trying to convert a wallet full of credit cards into an app that lives on our phone. If we hope to store more and more sensitive information on mobile devices, the current levels of risk are unacceptable. If credit cards are falling prey to hackers, how can we consider adding driver's licenses, passports, health insurance cards and employee IDs to mobile wallets? Can we really trust a phone to store our personal health records and biometric data?", CardNotPresent

Your Mobile Wallet Isn’t Safe

"The higher the volume of mobile payments, the more hackers stand to gain from breaches. Unless the mobile industry accepts that business as usual is not an option, we’re effectively waiting for a massive breach to derail the mobile payments train and scare consumers away from financial innovation. To get back on offense and start addressing the challenge at hand, the mobile industry needs to embrace mobile virtualization",  IT Briefcase