The balance between work and private

Last week, in an effort to regain a solid foothold in the technology market, BlackBerry launched the new BB10, the company’s newest Smartphone platform. The launch revealed the platform’s built-in flagship feature called BlackBerry Balance™. The Balance feature provides a complete separation between work and personal use, integrated directly into the existing infrastructure of the phone. In addition, Balance enables a corporate IT or security department, using a remote management module, to erase corporate data if an employee loses his phone or no longer works for the company. BlackBerry Balance marks a new era in Smartphone technology. Blackberry, a company that has dominated the enterprise market for so long, knows better than anyone what IT administrators need when it comes to mobile devices for corporate employees. With the development of Balance technology they have demonstrated their deep understanding of the necessity of Smartphone devices to provide a secure and easily- navigated separation between business and personal use.

Unfortunately for BlackBerry, they have missed the boat. In recent years iPhone and Android phones have come to dominate the market both in personal and corporate environments. But one thing is for sure – this technology is definitely a sign of what’s to come. I don’t know a single IT admin that wouldn’t want the features provided by the Balance on their company’s mobile devices. The time has come for the leading OEMs to realize this as well. And I say: the sooner the better!