Cellrox Launches Multi-Persona Support for Android ICS to Secure the Mobile Enterprise

Read on Pitchengine Cellrox gives OEMs and Carriers the ability to easily integrate multi-persona capabilities for the growing mobile enterprise market

- Cellrox, a leader in BYOD Multi-Persona solutions for mobile devices, announced today the launch of a new toolkit for Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) that allows original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and carriers to embed multi-persona capabilities in smartphones and tablets, paving the way for the first comprehensive solution for the enterprise markets’ dire demand for effective separation between private and business use of employees’ devices.

Today, enterprises face ever-growing challenges in managing access of employees to corporate resources via mobile devices. 72 percent of security breaches are caused by users’ misbehavior and lack of boundaries between business and private assets/data. The new Jade toolkit for Android ICS brings a field-proven virtualization solution to OEMs and minimizes the costs associated with integration and porting to OEM devices as well as accelerates time-to-market

The Jade ICS toolkit is specifically designed for OEMs and carriers looking to embrace the Cellrox Jade Multi-Persona solution. Built on the award-winning ThinVisor framework, Cellrox Jade supports both IT deployments of corporate-owned mobile devices and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments, by running two separate personas - a private persona and a managed corporate persona - on the same device.

“Cellrox solutions have been successfully installed in tier-one enterprises around the world and we continue to see a strong demand for mobile virtualization and multi-persona capabilities, particularly with the business/private use-case. Cellrox Jade is the only complete solution in the market, and the toolkit will simplify its adoption by OEMs. It will allow IT to have uncompromised security and end-users to have full privacy and native experience, a classic win-win,” said Omer Eiferman, CEO, Cellrox. “We are already witnessing a growing demand by the consumer market driven primarily by privacy.”

By adding support for ICS, Cellrox Jade can easily be used for the majority of Android devices. “We have built a platform tailored to allow OEMs fast integration of Cellrox Multi-Persona solutions, reducing porting to new device models to under a two week effort.” said Oren Laadan, CTO, Cellrox. “Having worked closely with R&D departments of OEMs and understanding their challenges, we were able to create the right tool for the task. The new toolkit allows fast time-to-market for new devices as well as post-market deployment on older devices. It also enables OEMs to leverage Cellrox’s unique multi-persona capabilities and user experience into their signature look-and-feel.”

Cellrox Jade provides a real end-to-end solution for IT concerns over security, compliance, and device management, as well as for individuals seeking to access their professional lives on their personal mobile devices. The Jade toolkit supports Ice Cream Sandwich on both smartphones and tablets, and support for Jelly Bean is expected during Q4 2012.

About Cellrox Cellrox provides the best of breed solution for the adoption of smart mobile devices- phones and tablets – by corporate IT departments. The company’s award-winning ThinVisor technology enables co-hosting of two or more individual, independent and secure virtual environments on a single mobile device. By creating an impenetrable wall between the employee’s applications and the company’s data and applications, Cellrox focuses on proactive security and application transparency all in a single swipe – one phone, two or more personas. Cellrox was founded in 2011 by seasoned entrepreneurs and technology leaders. The company is privately held with headquarters located in Israel. For additional information, please visit www.cellrox.com or follow us on Twitter @Cellrox.

Media Contacts: Paulina Wozniak ink Communications for Cellrox paulina@theinkstudio.com