MWC 2014: Cellrox Carries Android Momentum to the Enterprise

As part of MWC 2014, Feb 24 – 28 in Barcelona, Cellrox will convey how Android consumer momentum will be carried in to the enterprise market.  This is a preview to a three part series that will discuss how the Cellrox multi-persona strategy ensures BYOD success.  In the next few weeks we will explore the direct business benefits to the enterprise of using a multi-persona strategy as well as outline how trends in business can be supported by this strategy.  We will focus on compliance, attracting talent and changing models of employment.

Today the enterprise needs to discern the most effective way to meet the realities of BYOD.  When the enterprise attempts to blend together the professional and personal realms on one device, by implementing various controls such as PIN and blacklisting apps, it changes and limits the user experience along with introducing a troubling amount of risk to the enterprise.

Recent court cases like Lazette have highlighted the potential risks the enterprise faces when trying to navigate the delicate expectations of an employee’s privacy.  These risks make the implementation of a BYOD policy even harder, requiring more legal and risk scrutiny, and diminishing the chances of success.

A much more effortless approach is a multi-persona strategy.  In this case, a user can have a personal and professional persona on one device that are completely secure and separate.  In addition, the user has the ability to accessibly and efficiently switch between the two without any detriment to the user experience.  This approach maintains the professional and personal business status quo and delivers tremendous benefits to both the enterprise and the user.  Moreover, the multi-persona strategy requires very little change management and is therefore likely to be supported by the business, IT, legal and risk.

Next week we will look at the way issues unique to the subject of compliance can be addressed in adopting a multi-persona BYOD strategy.  To read about Cellrox’s business value to the enterprise read here.